Who We Are
Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman founded Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD in March of 2002. Before CCC, Duff was a pastry chef, Chef, grafitti/street artist and a metal sculpture artist. Duff has a large collection of brightly colored sneakers, and probably more shoes than anyone else at Charm City Cakes.

Mark Muller
General Manager

Before working at Charm City Cakes West, Mark was born in Baltimore, MD, studied literature and law at the University of Maryland, where he received his BA, then worked for four years at Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes. He has written about Baltimore’s regional music, worked for the Public Defender’s Office of Baltimore City, and is excited to experience Los Angeles.

Neal Reinalda

Neal is an artist who lives in Los Angeles CA. He loves to work.


Sara Gonzales
Kitchen Manager/Head Baker

Sara has been baking since a young age but got her professional start in San Francisco while earning her Health Science degree from San Francisco State.  After deciding that she would rather pursue baking over sitting at an office job, she continued to work in pastry in Austin, TX, and now back in her home area of Los Angeles.  She is happy to be back in Southern California, the only proper place to get a burrito and visit the beach year-round, and is very excited to be a part of the CCCW team.


Sean Honey

Sean started working with Charm City Cakes in 2007. He is ecstatic to be living and working in California. He is not yet living the dream, though he has been known to dream.

Tim Martin

Tim was raised an “Army Brat” in Fort Bragg, NC. His life-long passion is film – mainly 80’s Sci-fi and Horror movies. He has been a Hollywood special FX make-up artist for over 12 years working on films like Spiderman, Jurrasic Park 3, Hellboy, and more. Tim recently wrote and directed his first feature film and is still heavily involved in FX.  “Being a part of CCC is a new,                                                                                    challenging and exciting artistic                                                                                          adventure.”



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